Interview with “Cluck the Undercover Chicken” Author, G. Eric Francis

1. What made you want to become a writer?
Hmm…you know, I am not entirely sure.  I’ve always had a odd imagination, and I’ve been putting thoughts to paper (later typewriter, if anyone remembers what that is LOL then to computer) since I was 8 years old.  I just enjoyed telling the stories that came to me out of the blue.
2. What books have you published, other than this one?
Besides “Cluck” I have published a more adult oriented book called “A Prayer For The Dying.”
3. Are you published in any big bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble, or small stories such as Walmart, Target, etc?
When I published “Cluck” in paperback (via, it was my understanding that the paperback would also be distributed to a variety of bookstores.  I am not sure, however, when that has taken place.
4. What do you like to write about the most?
I am weird in that I write stories covering a variety of genres.  “Cluck” was the one I enjoyed the most, because it allowed me to appeal to younger folks while sneaking a little “adult”-type humor in a subversive manner.  Usually though I try to write things that will make people laugh, even if the subject is somewhat serious.
5. What genre of writing are you most experienced in?
Probably action/adventure pieces with lots of humor.  Been writing things like that since the beginning.
6. If you had to give any inspiring writers one piece of advice, what would it be?
I’ll say what my dear cousin would say to me when I’d stop writing months at a time…”Write…Write…Right!”
7. How did you start writing? What was your starting point?
As I mentioned before, I started writing when I was 8 years old…poetry and action stories based on friends.  I’d take some ruled paper and a pen and started filling them, then sharing with folks to see if they liked it.
 8. What was your favorite childhood book?
Actually, most of the time I read lots of Greek and Roman mythology more than kids books.  I also enjoyed sci-fi, and don’t chuckle, but “Mad Magaizne.”  Probably is how “Cluck” came to be in a lot of ways, especially how it turned out.
9. Did you get your book published by a publisher first, or an online site such as Amazon Kindle, Nook (B&N), etc?
Right now I am totally self published, starting with Amazon and then spinning off into print with Createspace.
10. Do you have a website, Facebook/Twitter page, or any other links where people can learn more about you and your works?
Yes…you can follow me via Facebook @ http://www.facebook/com/gericfrancis, as well as on Cluck’s FB page,  I blog from time to time as well (not for the kiddos! 🙂 @

Interview and Book Promo


Below is an interview I conducted with author F.J. Thomas, as well as a book promo for her book coming out this month. Hope you enjoy!

1. How did you start your writing journey?
Initially I started in high school writing poetry and songs. In my thirties I got a little more serious and started writing equine related articles and started a couple of books. But it took me ten years to actually finish my first romance novel.

2. What was the first book you ever wrote?
Actually the first two books I finished were completely unrelated to this romance that I just sold. One was a non-fiction on how to get healthcare claims paid and the other was a picture book. I queried both of them extensively but haven’t had any luck. Since then I’ve written two more children’s books and am about half way through with another non-fiction and romance. I’ve always got several projects in the works!
3. What books do you enjoy reading?
I just did a proof read of Cooper by Tell Cotten. It’s his third western. I love his style of writing and he does a great job with fun dialogue and subtle humor. Another author I enjoy is Elle Marlow who writes romance. She’s a friend of mine and you can see her personality so clearly in her writing. She has a great voice and she does a terrific job with creating characters and colorful stories. I can’t put her books down!
4. What genres of books do you like best?
If I had to narrow it down to just a few, I would say suspense or paranormal. The horse girl in me loves a good western though. If a romance is good, I can get carried away.
5. How did you feel the first time you ever got a book published?
My first book will be coming out on March 5th  with Solstice Publishing on Amazon. Every step of the process from getting that first offer from Solstice to seeing the book cover for the first time has just been a phenomenal journey. I have to pinch myself every day to make sure it’s real! It’s been a dream of mine since I was in high school to become a published author and well, I won’t tell my age but let’s just say it’s been a long time in coming!
6. What is your approach to writing, how do you get started?
With each project, I learn something new about myself and what works best for me. For me, story ideas are the easy part  – I’m constantly observing the world around me and thinking too much. What is a little more difficult is fine tuning characters and story pace. I’m learning more and more that I’m one of those writers that does best with a lot of structure so that I know where I’m going, otherwise I head off in a diferent direction that you could write a totally separate book about!. I’ll do a detailed character list. Then I’ll outline the book and write a base synopsis. For each chapter, I’ll also do a bullet point outline so that I stay on track. I’ve turned out to be a lot more structured than I ever imagined when it comes to writing!
7. What made you want to start writing?
I always say I think too much. For me writing has always been a way to let out some of those thoughts without talking someone’s ear off! I think when you constantly have a lot of new ideas that are overwhelming at times you almost have to write. That’s the way it is for me and it always has been as long as I can remember.
8. How many books have you sold so far, of all the books you’ve published?
I sold Lost Betrayal to Solstice Publishing in December 2013. It’s the first and only book I’ve sold so far. There’s some interest in the next romance book that I’m working on and I hope to have it sold by this fall.
9. Do you have a Facebook page people can “Like” to know more about you?
Yes – F.J. Thomas Author  (I’ll email you the link tonight)
10. Are you published in any big stores like Barnes & Noble, Walmart, etc?
At this time Lost Betrayal will only be on Amazon but Solstice is planning on moving all their lines to Barnes & Noble online. My eventual goal is to see my writing on the shelves at Walmart, lol!
11. List any blogs, websites you have that people can visit.
Blogs –
My Farm website –
Twitter – @F_J_Thomas
Title: Lost Betrayal
Author: F.J. Thomas
Synopsis: Sage is just getting her life back together when a tornado touches down and destroys her family ranch in northern Georgia taking her hopes, her dreams, and the very horse that the ranch’s future hinges on. An ex rodeo cowboy with a past, Garrett has sworn off rodeo and the last thing he needs is entanglement with a woman on a wild horse chase but there’s too many unanswered questions, such as how a horse could stay gone so long. Refusing to believe her horse was killed in the storm and refusing to give up on the ranch, Sage begins the journey of rebuilding her life once again and searching for the horse that to her, holds the past, and her future. Garrett’s past and a malicious betrayal jeopardize her efforts. Is she strong enough to push past the hurt and the lies in order to get back all she holds dear?Release Date: March 2014I’d like to thank F.J. Thomas for her answers and look out for her book, Lost Betrayal, available on Solstice Publishing,
Jamie L. Kaplan
Author, Online Innocence, Death on the Aisle
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