“Forever Love” Book Promo; Deborah Armstrong, author


New Novel Blows Readers Away with a Whirlwind of Unlikely Romance

Literally and figuratively a match made in heaven tickles hearts of romance fiction fans


CALEDON, Ontario – – Author Deborah Armstrong graces bookshelves with love and affection as she intertwines romance and wit in Forever Love. In this endearing romance fiction, Armstrong touches on one of the most daring decisions of a man—or woman. She snaps readers back to the reality of love at first sight against obsession in this adventure-romantic drama.


Davina Stuart, farmer and bestselling author of Second Harvest, shares a flight to Los Angeles with Hollywood’s latest heartthrob, Quinn Thomas. Three hours of in-flight speed dating and Quinn’s in love. Davina is not so sure. She’s older and wiser. She’ll settle for a one-night stand but he wants more. Davina’s cows and her children are her life. She’s not so sure about Hollywood and its glamour. Blue jeans, cowboy boots and her pickup truck are more her style. Quinn is tired of the plastic starlets, his empty bed and his lonely heart. He’d give up everything, including his career, for the love of a woman, his woman.


Armstrong’s book follows their whirlwind romance as the widow of two years, who thought her time for romance was over, finds love with a man who has to have her in his life, to love her forever. Armstrong invites readers to witness how Davina learns to face her fears, and how Quinn perseveres to win the heart of his one true love in Forever Love.
About the Author

Deborah Armstrong is a firm believer in genetics. She attributes her love of the English language, reading and writing to her parents. She is thrilled to have passed on her love of books (with the help of her husband, also an avid reader) to her children. Armstrong lives with her husband, three children, two cats and five hundred cows on their dairy farm in Ontario, Canada. When she’s not writing or working on the farm, she enjoys reading, traveling, watching movies and spending time with her family and friends. Armstrong enjoys strong coffee, chocolate milk and single malt scotch in no particular order.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deboraharmstrongauthorofromance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/debdee99

Website: http://www.deboraharmstrong.ca/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6467157.Deborah_Armstrong

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“Stepping Stones to Emotional Resilience” Book Promo


Marquita Herald
Author Profile

1st Edition April, 2012
2nd Edition July, 2013
Format: Kindle eBook
Amazon Worldwide

Other books by Marquita Herald

Marquita Herald is an author, blogger, trainer in personal resilience and founder of Emotionally Resilient Living and Owner of Resilient Living Publications.
Her professional background includes a successful 20 year career in international sales and marketing, followed by a decade as an award winning life and small business coach.
1st Edition October, 2012
Format: Kindle eBook
Amazon Worldwide

Marquita is an avid reading, loves to take spur of the moment road trips, and enjoys the occasional game of golf. She is a lover of all dogs (especially her adopted pal Lucy), and a passionate advocate of grassroots volunteer movements and community service. She is also a world-traveler and her trip of a lifetime is Machu Picchu via Orient Express.
1st Edition February, 2013
Format: Kindle eBook
Amazon Worldwide

Connect with Marquita Herald
Emotionally Resilient Living
1st Edition June, 2013
Format: Kindle eBook
Amazon Worldwide


1st Edition November, 2013
Format: Kindle eBook
Amazon Worldwide

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Claire Fullerton – Author of “A Portal in Time”, a Paranormal/Historical Romance!


An Open Door

 Years ago, I wrote a novel set on the west coast of Ireland about a twenty-five year old American female who moved from Los Angeles into a rural, Irish village. It was a fish-out-of water story filled with insightful narrative concerning Irish cultural nuances that also contained a budding love story. I adored the story I created, lived with the characters and the sense of place in my head for close to two years then decided to look for an agent. No avail. Forever. Then it hit me: I’m an unknown author and I need to find my proverbial open door that will grant me permission to keep writing! I decided to park what I called “my Irish book” and sat down to write the kind of novel I would really love to read: one that would be unusual, a suspenseful page turner that would be unpredictable and keep the reader guessing. I wanted to write the novel that defied genre and give readers something to really think about when they finished the book. I wanted to write more than a good story, I wanted to hand readers a question with which they could consider their own life without the book being pushy or overt.  I put every ounce of my creative imagination into the novel, and titled it, “A Portal in Time.”  Next, I looked for a publisher that would understand the vision, and found it in Vinspire Publishing. Behold my open door! Everything I could hope for, I found in Vinspire, and joining its ranks is like joining a team that does things for all the right reasons. The learning curve I have enjoyed: the support, editing phase, the promotional education, has been invaluable, and I was so pleased, I decided to rewrite my Irish book ONE MORE TIME and humbly submit it to my new publishing home.  Then I waited patiently. Three months later, I was offered a contract by Vinspire, and my Irish book, now entitled, “Dancing to an Irish Reel” will be out in early 2015. All of this goes to show that each writer has their own unique path to their open door, and the task is to never give up hope and keep writing.
BIO.  Claire Fullerton is the author of Paranormal/Historical Romance, “A Portal in Time.” Her second novel, “Dancing to an Irish Reel” will be published in March, 2015. She is a three-time, award winning essayist, a three-time contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, a one-time newspaper columnist, and a contributor to numerous magazines. She hails from Memphis, Tn. and now divides her time between Malibu and Carmel, Ca.

“Alternate Hilarities” Book Promo


Title: Alternate Hilarities
Author: an Anthology
Genre: Science Fiction / Horror / Humor


A collection of Alien Invasions and Abductions, Time Travel, Ghost Ships, Demonic Possessions, Flatulent Clowns, Body Switching, Talking Monkeys and Feghoots.
That’s right, Feghoots.
Google it.
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Hilarities for all!
Some of the stories in Alternate Hilarities:
Attack of Ye Olde Zombies by Cathy Greco
And, thus, the world ends… not with a bang… not with a whimper… but with the mournful cry of an off-key bagpipe playing an undead reel, and the sad, sad sight of deflated codpieces never to be filled.
1-800-CALL-GOD by Chuck Rothman
Help is just a phone call away…
Adrift by Dan Doerflein
In life, he sailed the high seas with his pirate crew. All he wanted in death was to sail the seas again. Before he can escape his situation and obtain the afterlife he dreamed of, he must first defeat a pirate’s worst enemy: a bureaucrat.
The Princess and the Witch by Isabel Sterling
Marisa only wanted one thing for Halloween: the ancient magic she possessed in a past life. She’d prepared for this ritual for years, and nothing could get in her way. Except, perhaps, her sorority girl roommate.
The Muse and the Psychiatrist by M. Kelly Peach
She was divinely beautiful, a daughter of Zeus with a serious problem. She needed a qualified and caring psychiatrist, with talent and experience, to help her. Little did she know he had his own agenda…
Upgrades by Daniel McPherson
Software updates. Sometimes they install cool new features. Other times they screw up your entire system. Which really sucks when the software is running inside your head.
The Great Abyss Disjunction by Danielle N. Gales
When Gregory Artifex became lighthouse keeper of the multiverse’s loneliest dark corner, all he wanted was a little peace and quiet. The triggerfish, however, had different ideas. Gregory is about to have a very bad day.
The Bombastic Adventure of Bob from Planet 9 by Jaimie M. Engle
Bob and Melvin sit at Flo’s Intergalactic Greasy Spoon on the Tuesday the joint is held-up by two symmetrical beings called ‘humans’. Melvin accidentally disintegrates and Bob seeks revenge. But a visit to His Greatness on Planet 9 may change everything.
Do Flatulent Clowns Smell Funny by John H. Dromey
“Emission Possible” at the circus. The gastric suspense is intense. Will there be comic relief?
Dead Right, Dead Wrong By Ronald Friedman
The active Dead are not much different than the rest of us, although they can bore you to tears with stories about how they died. As the number of Dead increased they emerged from the shadows and became politically active. Their party, Dead Americans Mobilizing for National Integration and Tolerance (DAMNIT), was ready to field a candidate for the office of President of the United States.
Language Barrier by Steve Esling
“Mit-choo “Mitch” Maru is Tenerelli and Associate’s first Titanian accountant! But his progress in breaking social barriers and becoming more than just a “token alien” comes to a halt after a sticky situation in the bathroom with a coworker. Will the skills he learned in his college English courses be enough to tell others about this unfortunate close encounter?”
Small Change by Steven Grassie
Miserable and almost broke, as per usual Paul’s in the pub drowning his sorrows. His evening takes a strange turn, however, when he encounters an interesting, if rather implausible, individual… who might just have the answer to his problems.
Cash on Delivery by Laura Thurston
When you absolutely, positively have to have had it already call Einstein Express, where hindsight is the same as foresight.
Overdue by Jay Fuller
When the librarian can flay your mind as easily as she can gut you, very little will stand between her and an overdue library book – even a powerful (and generally disagreeable) wizard. And what if the book wants a say in the matter?
Diary of an Overlord by Clay Sheldon
Villagers are terrified, heroes quake in their boots, and the world fears his very name. Witness the origin of a terrifying(ish) demon lord. But be warned:not everything is as it seems…
Thorkwald and the Cherub by Day Al-Mohamed
The adventures of a misfit demon and his struggle to succeed, or at least not get fired (literally) in Hell’s corporate world. With the help of his trusty minion, an eight-legged llama, and his Ctrl-Alt-Smite button, what could go wrong?
Chicken Soup for the Demonically Possessed Soul by Felicia Lee
In this heartwarming tale of loss, redemption, and best practices for web design, we follow Al, a promising young man in the prime of his life, as he faces down the demons of unethical competitors and, well, actual demons.

Buy the Book:

Amazon | Smashwords
Or Add to Your Goodreads Shelf

About the Editor:

Giovanni Francesco Valentino has struggled at the art of writing for four decades against many demons like self-doubt, chronic depression, OCD and severe dyslexia. He has written a few memoir pieces about his life struggles going undiagnosed for more the half his life. He hopes one day to be a famous published science fiction and fantasy author.
He is a member of the CNY Writers Haven, a critique and writer support group. He is the editor of the upcoming humorous anthology, Alternate Hilarities.
Along time ago in a city in central New York ….
Alternate Hilarities
Episode 1
Back from the Dead
In the early nineties, a man had a dream. A dream of funny stories in his favorite genres, Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Not just a joke at the end of the episode like the original Star Trek or the occasional gem from Douglas Adams, but all the time.
So the small press fan-zine, Alternate Hilarities was born. Six issues were produced against his ex-wife’s express wishes.
And they were terrible!
Just Terrible!
The first issue was a simple photocopy print job. He moved up offset printing by the second issue, 11 by 17 paper, folded over and saddle stitched with glossy cover. It looked semi professional but proofing was not his strong suit. He had no funds to hire a proof reader and let’s face it, volunteers suck.
But the stories were great. Many talented authors sent in great funny stories. With concepts like games show in the afterlife, the last man alive and the secret life of a teenaged mad scientist.
But in the end, the cost of publishing his pet project became too much and the zine was retired.
Now, two decades later, the overhead and distribution issues of the small press have almost disappeared with the advent of eBooks. With a new partner in crime who can do line edits, with a professional level understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation, the man decided to give his old love a second shot.
So, here it is, The New and Improved Alternate Hilarities. We have Alien invasions and Abductions, Time Travel, Ghost Ships, Demonic Possessions, Flatulent Clowns, Body Switching, Talking Monkeys and Feghoots.
That’s right, I said Feghoots.
Google it.
So off we go. With Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Halitosis for all!
Halitosis? WTF? I mean Polarity?
Not Again! I mean H I l a r I t y?
Damn AutoCorrect!
Here are something people may or may not have said about Alternate Hilarities:
“The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Eaten!”
– Unnamed Member of Book Eaters Anonymous
“Not a book I would ever read”
– The New York Times
“Will you please mow your lawn? Please”
– My Next Door Neighbor (on both sides)
“I can’t read!”
– President of the SHITTER, the Society Helping illiterates with Technology, Tolerance and Extra Resources.
“I hate Sauerkraut!”
– ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

With Stories by ….
Aaron Austin – Adam Millard – Brenda Anderson
Cathy Greco – Christine Edwards – Dan Doerflein – Daniel McPherson
Danielle Gales – Doug Engstrom – Evan Dicken – Felicia Lee
Gavin Cruickshank – Giovanni Valentino – Jaimie M. Engle – James E. Guin
Jason Bougger – Jay Fuller – Jez Patterson – John H. Dromey
Josh Strnad – Lance Manion – M. Kelly Peach – Ronald Friedman
Sam Adams – Shari L Klase – Steve Esling – Steven Grassie
And Leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Frances I *
• This story is only included in the version you don’t have right now.

About the Publisher:

Strange Musings Press
We are a small publisher founded and run by two authors with a variety of skills and talents. Visit ourStaff page for more information about who we are.
Currently, Strange Musings Press is strictly an e-publisher of anthologies: Alternate Hilarities , Romantic Ruckus, and Alternate Hilarities 2 – Vampires Suck .  We DO NOT accept or publish stand alone stories, novels, or novellas at this time so please don’t query us for those. We’ll send you a humorous and snarky rejection letter.
The goal of these anthologies is to help aspiring authors get published and to have fun. Everything we do here is in the spirit of humor. If we offend you in any way, well, we probably don’t care =)
Take a moment to look around and submit a story or two if you’d like. Got questions? Got a joke you want to tell us? Want to tell us how awesome we are? Stand in line and send us an email at: strangemusings.editor@verizon.net.

Guest Post – Steph, author of “Hunters”


Writing on Coffee Breaks


Yes, you heard me right. Not writing with coffee breaks, as in stopping your work for a minute to get a delicious cup of coffee to fuel your muse. I’m talking about writing while you’re supposedly on coffee breaks from doing something else. Like working.


The best advice I’ve received about writing a book is to just sit down and start typing. The thing is, what if you don’t have the time to do that? Take me for example. I work from 9 am (sometimes 8-8:30 am) to 8 pm (sometimes 9, 10, 11 pm, 12 am). Most of the times, I work on my lunch break just so I can actually leave at 8 and get home where, for a full 3 hours, I try to have a life. The weekends are usually reserved to sleeping, housework and, again, trying to have a life.


And then there’s writing… my love. Which for the past year has taken a big back seat. An important part of writing is getting into the zone. That’s very hard to do when you have to think about other things all the time. And it hurts.


This post is not meant to be a pity party, but empowerment. You know how other people get cigarette or coffee breaks? I take short writing breaks when I feel like it. True, it’s hard to write an entire scene or to do your best since your muse is probably hibernating, but it’s a start. I’ve decided to cut away some of my work time and just write.


Have I succeeded? Well, not yet. I’ve just realized I need this change unless I want my writing career snuffed in the bud, so I’m taking it slow. So far, I’m editing. I plan on a chapter per day. Sure, I don’t make it most of the times. But the thing about balancing a career, a family and writing is to never give up and at least try.


So here are a few tips when you have been reduced to writing on coffee breaks:

* Never forget why you started writing in the first place.

* Don’t see writing as work – it’s a treat meant to energize you.

* If you really don’t feel like writing, don’t. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t become resentful toward your characters or your work.

* Plan your scene while you have a bit of free time – procrastination, real coffee break, traveling – it makes writing it down much easier.

* Pat yourself on the back each time you manage to meet your writing goal for the day – you did a good job and deserve your reward.
So for all you workaholics out there – there is hope and there is no excuse. Get to writing!