Hey Everyone! Lots of new stuff this week!


Hello all!

Just wanted to post an update on here, letting you all know what’s going down. There are a few things coming up this week. One of them being a book promo, a giveaway, AND a guest blog! Yep, that’s a lot, I know! Plus, I have come up with some new story ideas and will be writing again very soon. I have at least 2 book ideas ready to go. So excited about that! Just not sure which one I want to start with first, haha. But it’ll be a surprise, that’s for sure. I haven’t written in a while due to my recent bout of depression. But now that it’s over with, I’m ready to get back to it. I believe that is all for now. Just wanted to make my weekly post deadline (yeah, I have a bad memory so I have it remind me to post weekly, or else, I’d forget about this little thing. I don’t keep up with these very well).

Until next time!

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