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I am so sorry that I have not posted in a few days, week, whatever it’s been lol. I have not had internet for a few days so I had to wait until we got some to put up a new post. I have some book promos to put up for some people. So, without any further ado:

1. Author: Marcus Chatman
Title: The Bayou Classic
Synopsis: The Bayou Classic is a fictional story that describes the lives of a group of inner city kids and their journey from high school,college, and beyond, The story revolves around the girls Areille, Carissma, and Jasmine, three teenagers who are struggling to to be good students while simultaneously dealing with the pressures that come along with living in the ghetto. You also have their male counterparts Derek, Bingo, Skeeter, and Stepper.

With Bingo being the fearless rebel in the crew, there’s never a dull moment. With Skeeter being the savvy street smart hustler there’s never a sure thing, it’s always a gamble. With Stepper being the suave playboy in he crew it’s always interesting to watch him juggle his many women. Lastly theres Derek, the level headed, hard worker who is struggling to find his way through life without getting into any trouble.

Like life, trouble eventually finds its way into the mix and effects the entire group. They eventually find themselves banding together to help each other get through. This story is sure to captivate the reader and draw you into the lives of each individual character. This story is not written from a spectators point of view, but the characters themselves narrate the events that take place, which will effectively connect each reader to the the characters in the story. There is also another very interesting twist to this story. This entire story is written in poetry form, meaning the entire story rhymes. So the entire novel is basically a poem. Each page has its own individual character, each page is its very own entity. If you love drama, romance, comedy, action, and suspense, then you’ve definitely pick the perfect story.
Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CWBP4VA/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_3K2ctb0NMD3KC

2. Author: Aaron Cross
Title: Robocopter Ski Patrol
Synopsis: “The year is…some year. Let’s say the present. Yellow cake uranium sits, waiting to be sold, in a foreign country. The leader hides himself away, fearing assassination – as he should, because that’s how the country works. It’s kind of a stupid country. And well he should worry, for skulking his way around Europe is an ambitious Baron just looking for the right opportunity to seize the throne and all the powers and chances that come with it. If only his pets would stop exploding… Across the ocean, Adam Bitchenstein attempts to win over Miss Girl from Ipanema for the nth time. However, a phone call from out of the blue will change everything in their lives forever. It’s always a phone call, right? Join Adam, Miss Girl from Ipanema, and a cast of idiots and perverts as they seek to stop the balance of world power from changing before it’s too late. 

From porn-star spies to knockoff dinosaurs, from unhealthy amounts of binge-drinking to political machinations, Robocopter Ski Patrol will take you across countries, continents, and the boundaries of love. Also, there’s a Robocopter. There’s also time paradoxes, miniaturized bears, nuclear weapons, blogging, and other cool things in there. Basically, if the Internet threw up, this would be a fairly accurate representation of what that would look like. Well, maybe minus the cats.”
Link: http://www.amazon.com/Robocopter-Ski-Patrol-Aaron-Cross/dp/148260454X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1390198315&sr=8-1&keywords=robocopter+ski+patrol
3. Author: Joan Diehl
Title: Once Upon a War
Subtitle: The Diary of a Waiting Wife
Synopsis: Throughout the Vietnam War, in the Kansas town of Salina, existed a thriving community called Schilling Manor. Thousands of families, including mine, waited there for loved ones to return home. 

While my husband, Glen, an Air Force captain, was in Vietnam, I was solely responsible for our five young children. We had been living in a civilian community while he earned a degree in aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University. I chose to live in Schilling Manor rather than remain in a civilian neighborhood where fathers come home at night. Not only could I count on military support during Glen’s long absence, we would be near relatives in Topeka.

My story recalls the daily struggles of “single” moms, as well as political turmoil, assassinations, Vietcong attacks, and media gloom and doom. Anecdotes, many involving our 3-year-old son Warren, aka “Feller,” either lightened or added to life’s difficulties during an era when denigration of the military prevailed.

Almost every day brought a new challenge. Illness, frustration and exhaustion became the norm. Days, especially weekends, would not pass quickly enough, as the waiting seemed endless. However, community involvement and friendship with other waiting wives helped me throughout the sixteen months that I called Schilling Manor home. There has never been another community like it.
Link: N/A

If you have any books that need to be promo’d, please e-mail me at JamieLKaplan@hotmail.com with a link to your book, your name and a brief synopsis of your book and I will post it here on the blog! Talk to you all later!

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