Welcome to my Blog!


Hello all!

Welcome to my blog, Book Blog, Promotions, and more! On this blog, I will promote my books, as well as anyone else’s book they would like promoted to get more exposure. I will also host Author Interviews and I am available for author interviews on anyone else’s blogs so just send me an e-mail at JamieLKaplan@hotmail.com and I will be in contact with you shortly after.

I will also post short stories that I may write while taking a break from writing books, as well as short pieces like articles/editorials for your reading pleasure. You may leave a comment if you’d like on anything you like, don’t like, things that need working on, etc.

I hope you enjoy my book blog as I will try to keep this updated weekly, but I’m not making any promises. Never been good with consistent things such as blogs, but I will do my best. If you’d like, please pass around the link to my blog to anyone you know that loves to read:

Jamie’s Book Blog, Promotions, and more!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been purchasing my books on Amazon and CreateSpace. I really appreciate the enthusiasm and support. My fans mean the world to me! Love you all!